How much is a $500 amazon gift card today in Naira

Gift card payment has always been one of the best ways to pay a social media ambassador. I prefer to get it in some situations.
A few days ago, I was offered a Facebook ad management job and he paid me with an amazon $500 gift card. However, I moved to Nigeria before he paid me. Since then I have been searching everywhere on how to change the gift card to naira. Of course, you and I know that it can’t be changed in a bank. I asked one of my new friends in Nigeria if there is anywhere to exchange the gift card for naira. He directed me to a store, but to my surprise, they don’t exchange amazon gift cards to naira. I felt a little bit depressed about it. So I decided to buy a coloring book to cool myself but was still anxious about the gift card exchange.

Within me, I believed that 500 dollars is a lot of money. That was what my new friend told me. I can’t buy lots of goodies with ₦500 but with 500 dollars; I can fill up my refrigerator, buy clothes, and gift some to my friends. But he didn’t tell me how much it is in naira. He just left me anxious; that’s too bad.

$500 amazon gift card today in Naira

Amazon is a reputable platform that sells lots of things. They also have their amazing gift card. I guess the client I helped a few days ago earned a $500 amazon gift card but decided to pay me with that which is awesome. Assuming Amazon is a Nigerian company they would have been giving a naira gift card. At least I won’t bother myself to exchange it for naira.

I then decided to take a break on my adventure to gift card exchange. I resumed work later and started offering my online service to people. I found another client that wanted to pay me with a gift card instead of the usual cash. I rejected it and requested cash instead. Because I knew the one I have already has not been exchanged so I can’t take another one. It’s just like adding salt to injury.

Finally, I found a website to exchange my gift card for naira. Guess what, the amazon 500 dollars gift card was ₦170,000. That’s lots of money; now I can buy lots of things in the market. I regretted rejecting my other client who wanted to pay me with a gift card. I wish I can go to the past. Ignorance’s not good. Anyway, if you have a lesser amount, you can see change it to cash.

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