Best ways to pay your social media ambassadors

As a brand owner, you must have been thinking of a better way to pay your ambassadors. I understand that already know how to use Twitter for your business. However, most of the available means may be complicated. And, I know this may also be your fear. Anyway, I will go ahead to list and explain them. You can decide to pick anyone and concentrate on it. But it will be wise to ask your social media ambassador if they are okay with it.

Gift Cards
Everyone likes gift cards. Whether it is for compensation or as a normal gift, they will appreciate it.
So, that it is not a problem for them.
A gift card is a great means to pay for a task done by a social media ambassador. You don’t have to send them a plastic gift card. Just send the digital code to them and avoid shipping fees.

social media ambassadors

You can give them a gift card that allows them to pick anything they want in your store. This can be a smart way of giving them a chance to test your product. They can even make a nice review after placing an order using the gift card.

Almost everyone has a PayPal account these days. This is because it is the best means of sending and receiving money. It comes with added protection.
You as a brand owner can send money using PayPal to your social media ambassador. You can easily check how much you sent over a certain period for documentation.
It takes the risk of sending money through checks using postal mail.

If you decide to use this means, you can send money using the family and friend’s option to avoid fees. This option is available to those living in the United States. Others are charged a little fee. But as a sender, you have to send enough to cover fees.

Like I said in the first paragraph of this article, you have to discuss this with your ambassador.
They may decide to receive a check or use other means like Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect money, etc.
You need to agree on a means that will be convenient for both of you.
That way, you can work effectively together.
The mode of payment shouldn’t be something that has a huge fee. You should also know the rate you will be paid by your local exchanger. For instance, if you live in Nigeria, read how much is a $500 amazon gift card in naira.

You can have a spreadsheet where you write down your influencer name, method of payment, and kind of post. This will enable you to manage payments as you allow them to grow your social media presence.

That is it for now. Next time, I will come up with an idea topic.

If you have any questions, I will be available to reply to them.

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